Sterility and Aseptic Techniques Course

An Outstanding Introduction to the Basic Principles of Sterility Asepsis and Infection Control Skills

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Scrub for Surgery (Sterility and Aseptic Techniques)

An Outstanding Introduction to the Basic Principles of Sterility, Asepsis, and Infection Control Skills

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Asepsis and Sterility

Sterility and Asepsis is not the most romantic subject but is possibly the most vital subject to master for anyone serious about a career in medicine.

Target Audience

– High School Students who want to pursue a career in medicine or nursing

– Undergraduate students who wish to stand out by perfecting their skills ahead of time

– Pre-med students who want to improve their med-school application and perfect their skills ahead of time

– Medical Students

– Qualified Medical Professionals who want to refresh their skills

Difficulty Level



+-35 hours (including labs/practical projects).


– Register with Apprentice Doctor Academy

– Enroll in Course

– Simulation Kit (optional but recommended to complete the practical projects and practice the techniques you learn)

Asepsis and Sterility Kit Contents

Learn more about the Apprentice Doctor® Scrub for Surgery Simulation Kit

Certified Credits

Equivalent to twenty shadowing hours



The Course and Kit are exclusively intended for classroom instructions (educational) and training purposes and NOT for any clinical uses or applications!

– The use of any of the items in the accompanying kit on a real human or animal patient is strictly prohibited!

– The course is intended for students in a variety of healthcare and medical professions –adult supervision and guidance is required for students ages 15-17. Not suitable for children under the age of 15!

– The Kit contains latex gloves (unless non-latex gloves were specifically ordered). Not suitable for any person with a latex allergy!

– The kit contains items that may pose a choking hazard to toddlers and babies – keep out of reach of these age groups.


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