The Scrub for Surgery Simulation Kit

Develop Foundational Medical Skills and Techniques Using Real Medical Instruments

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Some of the Practical Projects in the Foundation Medical Course

Project 1A A technique for proper handwashing
Project 1B Cleaning hands with an antiseptic rub
Project 1C Don (put on) clean gloves
Project 1D Safely remove used gloves
Project 1E Change into operating room attire
Project 1F Scrub for surgery [Only available during Apprentice Doctor Workshops]
Project 1G Gown for surgery [Only available during Apprentice Doctor Workshops]
Project 1H Don sterile gloves
Project 2 Take a medical history
Project 3 The qualities of sound
Project 4 An introduction to percussion
Project 5 Medical sound samples
Project 6 Examine the external ear
Project 7A Mixing colors of light
Project 7B Inspect the color of the mucous membranes
Project 8 Examine the eye
Project 9 The Snellen test
Project 10 The blind spot
Project 11 The stethoscope and sphygmomanometer – assembly and care
Project 12 The stethoscope – familiarize
Project 13 The structural arrangement of the body
Project 14 Subdivisions of the chest
Project 15 Subdivisions of the abdomen
Project 16 A percussion model of the chest
PROJECT 17 The technique for medical percussion
PROJECT 18 Examination by percussion
Project 19 Examine the skin
Project 20 Examine the nails
Project 21 Examine the hair
Project 22 The bony landmarks of the body
Project 23 Joint sounds
Project 24 Body temperature
Project 25 The muscles of the body
Project 26 The heart rate
Project 27 The pupil-light reflex
Project 28 The facial nerve
Project 29 Spinal nerve reflexes
Project 30 Growth chart
Project 31 Turbulence in the flow of a liquid
Project 32 Heart sounds
Project 33 Capillary refill test
Project 34 Pulse oximetry practical
Project 35 Blood pressure
Project 36 The body’s lymph nodes
Project 37 The respiratory rate
Project 38 Respiratory sounds
Project 39 Breathing movements
Project 40 Examine the oral cavity
Project 41 Taste laboratory
Project 42 Gastrointestinal sounds
Project 43 Examine the abdomen
Project 44 Urinalysis
Project 45 Heart sounds: unborn baby
Project 46 Signs of inflammation
Project 47 The examination of a swelling
Project 48 A nutritional audit
Project 49 Determine the BMI
Project 50 Dehydration
Project 51 Edema
Project 52 Levels of consciousness
Project 53 Prevention of injuries
Project 54 Surface areas of burns


  • Stethoscope (Rappaport or equivalent)
  • Sphygmomanometer (aneroid)
  • Reflex hammer
  • Otoscope
  • Examination light (penlight)
  • Examination light (magnifying)
  • Thermometer (digital)
  • Urinary test strips and chart
  • Snellen eye test chart
  • Medical file
  • Medical charts (various)
  • Marker pen
  • Ruler
  • Tongue depressors
  • Examination gloves (surgically clean; latex-free)
  • Sterile surgical gloves (contains latex)
  • Antiseptic swabs
  • Face masks

Optional Extra:

    • Pulse Oximeter ($49)

Important Notes:

  • The medical instruments and items listed above will permit the student to complete the majority of the practical projects of the Foundation Medical Course.
  • Some minor variations are possible due to the availability of items.


Top 3 Reasons to Invest in the Foundation Simulation Kit

Because you can practice what you learn while you learn.
The medical profession is practical. You can read about how to ride a bike but you won’t be able to ride a bike until you start physically practicing. It’s the same with healthcare. Reading about suturing techniques has limited value if you don’t practice, make mistakes in a simulated setting, learn from that and correct yourself, and repeat until you’ve mastered the skills.
Because you will master today the instruments you’ll soon be using every day.
Getting acquainted with the tools of your future trade is not only incredible fun, it’s also highly beneficial and recommended.
Because when it comes to reaching your dream and fulfilling your calling you have a one-track mind and you’re not playing games.
That is the mindset you will need to make it on the highly competitive road of pursuing a career in healthcare.

You will be helping us to keep the Apprentice Doctor Academy affordable!



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