Master Suturing and Knot-Tying Techniques on an Ultra-Realistic Skin Using Genuine Medical Instruments

How to Suture Wounds Kit How to Suture Wounds Compact Kit Contents

Some of the Practical Projects in the “How to Suture Wounds” Course for Which the Kit Is Recommended

Project 1: Familiarize yourself with the suture kit

Project 2: Attach suture material to a needle

Project 3: How to clip the needle to the needle holder

Project 4: Prepare imitation skin for practicing suturing

Project 5: How to construct a rod to practice knot tying


Case Study – The Surgeons Knot

Project Alpha: A demonstration of a square knot and a granny knot

Project Beta: Make a square knot: Two-hand tie

Project Gamma: Make a square knot: One-hand tie

Project Delta: Make a surgeon’s knot: One-hand tie

Project Epsilon: Make a square knot: Instrument tie

Project Zeta: How to make a surgeon’s knot (Instrument tie)


Project A: How to place subcutaneous sutures

Project B: How to place interrupted sutures

Project C: How to place interrupted sutures with buried knots

Project D: How to place continuous sutures

Project E: How to place continuous interlocking sutures

Project F: How to place horizontal mattress sutures

Project G: How to place vertical mattress sutures

Project H: How to place “Far-and-Near” sutures

Project I: How to place subcuticular sutures

Project J: How to place a purse string suture

Project K: How to correct a “Dog’s Ear

Project L: How to correct unequal levels of tissue

Project M: How to remove sutures

Project N: How to place figure-8 sutures (available online only)

1. Because you can practice what you learn while you learn.
The medical profession is practical. You can read about how to ride a bike but you won’t be able to ride a bike until you start physically practicing. It’s the same with healthcare. Reading about suturing techniques has limited value if you don’t practice, make mistakes in a simulated setting, learn from that and correct yourself, and repeat until you’ve mastered the skills.

2. Because you will master today the instruments you’ll soon be using every day.
Getting acquainted with the tools of your future trade is not only incredible fun, it’s also highly beneficial and recommended.

3. When pursuing a career in healthcare, a field known for its competitiveness, it’s essential to stay focused and committed to your goals. Embracing this mindset, with dedication and a clear vision, is key to achieving your dreams and fulfilling your calling in this noble profession.
Serves 1 – 4 Participants Working Together

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