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Orthopedic Fracture Reduction

40 lessons
5 quizzes
321 students

Perform amazingly realistic simulation surgery. Get practical experience and insight into basic surgical principles. Suture the surgical wound in layers. Practice various open and closed reduction methods. Practice at home or wherever you are.


The Kit

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The Course

After completing the Apprentice Doctor Academy Orthopedic Fracture Reduction Course, students should have a good understanding of:

  • Principles of asepsis
  • Surgical sterility
  • Basic bone biology and physiology
  • Basic anatomy of the human skeleton
  • Biomechanical considerations in orthopedic surgery
  • Radiological considerations
  • Basic principles and methods of fracture reduction, fixation, and immobilization
  • Simple fracture classifications
  • Healing of the fracture site
  • Common complications


In addition to this, the student will have the following healthcare/medical skills:

  • Preparing a sterile surgical field
  • Identification of common surgical landmarks
  • Sharps safety
  • Surgical retraction
  • Blunt dissection
  • Fracture reduction
  • Fracture fixation
  • Place a bone plate with monocortical screws
  • Place a bone plate with bicortical screws
  • Closing (suturing) a surgical wound
  • Placing a dressing
  • Properly discarding medical waste and sharps


The student will have a career perspective regarding:

  • A typical operative procedure performed by most orthopedic surgeons on a regular basis – based on experiential learning.
  • The various career opportunities available to orthopedic surgeons.


Who Should Enroll In This Course?

– High School students in Grade 10 to 12

– Students at premed years 1-4 levels.


Home-based learning


Time Allowed

Please check your subscription details in your profile to see when your course access expires.



+-30 Hours (including practical projects).

The Apprentice Doctor Academy recommends that the student not rush through the course (not more than 3 hours per day) to allow for consolidation of the information. The course could be done in less than a week with full-time study; however, it is recommended that you not rush and instead allow the information to consolidate in your mind.

Furthermore we recommend that you briefly review the previous day’s work before continuing each day. This will also consolidate the knowledge in your mind.


— Register with Apprentice Doctor Academy

— Enroll in Course

Simulation Kit (optional but recommended to complete the practical projects and practice the techniques you learn)

Certified Credits

Equivalent to sixty shadowing hours



– The Apprentice Doctor® Fracture Reduction Course and accompanying Simulation Kit (including all items and instruments in the kit) are exclusively intended for educational and training purposes. No instrument or item may be used in a real clinical medical setting (emergency or otherwise).

– Without a formal medical qualification you may open yourself to medico-legal litigation if applying these techniques on the public.

The surgical gloves contain latex. We do supply latex-free gloves as an alternative on request.

– The Apprentice Doctor® Fracture Reduction Course and Simulation Kit is suitable for students over 15 years of age. Adult supervision is recommended for students below the age of 18 years.

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Dr Anton Scheepers

About the Course Author
Dr. Anton Scheepers is the founder and president of Apprentice Corporation, a company designing and promoting Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Practice Kits, Apprentice Doctor® Online Academy, and the Apprentice Doctor® Simulation Training Events.

Dr. Anton is a Specialist Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon with more than 45 years experience in the medical field.

He has completed rotations in General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery.

Dr. Anton has had a colorful career which includes exploits such as treating leprosy patients in a large leprosarium, treating soldiers and civilians in a bush war in Africa, rendering medical services to prisoners – including death-row prisoners, and working with classified and dangerous psychiatric patients.

He started a medical sciences section in the largest Science Center in Africa – the Sci-Bono Discovery Science Center - and was involved with medical research in collaboration with Dr. Sandy Marks Jr. from the University of Massachusetts.

He is the head of the Premedical Sciences Department at the Solid Rock Community and Virtual Schools based in Tampa, Florida.

Authored Books Include:
- "For Future Doctors" Foundations
- How to Suture Wounds
- Venipuncture & Phlebotomy
- Orthopedic Fracture Reduction
- Surgical Aseptic Technique
- Obstetrics

Awards and Commendations Include:

- P Grant Smith Gold medal for Maxillofacial Surgery
- The College of Medicine Silver Medal in Maxillofacial Surgery
- The Michael and Janie Miller Prize Final Year Surgery
- Commendation for excellent service rendering by the Director of the Department of Health
- Commendation for excellent service rendering by the director of Prison services

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